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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fake Eyelashes!

I've always LOVED fake eyelashes and all the power that comes with them! However, I've never been to keen on putting them on myself... I've had them done before but, again, have not been able to successfully apply them all on my own. Jennifer wears them all the time and she is a super pro at putting them on which I've always envied.

Well Friday night for Pink Trash Ball, I won the battle! I successfully applied some FABULOUS wild fake eyelashes. My tip - drink a few oz of liquid courage prior to application!

Here are the one's I used - Make Up Forever from Sephora- I really like them, they were very easy... and below is the end result... I part my hair on the left so it kept brushing against the feathery end, but other than that there were no issues what so ever!

1 comment:

Bean Hayden said...

oooh... I want to try! did you get them at Sephora?

There was a lady with big pink lashes at Scrap Pink!