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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm soooo becoming a PIRATE... arghhhhhhhhh

Somali pirates pocket at least $1.67 million! Hijackers have reportedly demanded a $25 million dollar ransom for the release of the oil tanker Sirius Star, anchored off the coast of Somalia on Wednesday.

Seriously! I do not understand how there are still real live pirates! The sad news here is that the $25 million ransom was rejected by the British Navy. Shiver me timbers! Maybe we should focus just a few of our military deblumes on stopping these scallywags from pillaging oil tankers and what not on the high seas!
If you want to translate anything into Pirate speak in preparing for your live swabbing the decks and jumping aboard unsuspecting ships go to this site: Pirate Speak!

1 comment:

Liza said...

I heard about this too. Apparently the reason for it is that there is a law that the ships cannot have weapons on it, so they have no way of defending themselves. Brilliant plan matey ;)