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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm '09

Since there is NO ELECTRICITY… I’m updating my blog until my computer battery dies: via MS Word then can cut and paste when the power comes back which will hopefully be very soon, but I’m afraid it may be days.
Ice storms are bad. These are not like snow storms, no pretty white fluffy snow to play in – just ICE – everywhere. I have lost every single tree in my yard. And we’re not talking little new trees – these trees are at least 40 years old and they are gone. Its so sad.
Don't know why some of these are upside down.... but here's a just a snippet of destruction!
I lost power on Tuesday morning and still don't have, they don't know when it'll be back on either.


Lisa said...

We were out of power for like a week after Hurricane Fran ('96 maybe?). Primative!

Amy said...

I hope your power goes back on soon! It's so annoying that they don't even have a date for you! I hope you have somewhere warm to stay in the interm.

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

I know this doesn't go with this post, but... I have been reading your blog and I LOVE it!

Mikel and Lynn said...

I love the miner-esque hat you're sporting in your home/cave. I'm glad for your sake it's warmer this weekend!