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Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 5 of no shopping (for myself)

Well I’m still alive… the lack of shopping has not cause my internal organs to explode or my wallet to brutally maim me, so that’s a good thing! The hardest part so far has been when I check my mail and get all those shiny coupons and flyers about sales GOING ON NOW and so forth. My co-workers are pretty happy, they are now the recipients of all the coupons and reward things I receive in the mail. I think it really won’t be as bad as everyone makes it out to be – and yes, most people were overly shocked when told what I was giving up for Lent – comments such as “we really will fall deeper into recession now, are you going to survive, etc.” were made in my general direction. Whatever, I can do it! It also helps that there are clothes in my closet that still have the tags on them – so it will still be like new clothes – new to you (if you see me out) at least.
I did have to set foot in a retail establishment this weekend – I had to pick up items for an upcoming video shoot. So I went to Pier 1 to pick up some plates and place settings. There is some RANDOM stuff in that store for sure! For instance, there were these chickens that when you squeeze them, a thing that resembles and egg expect to find in Pier 1 – the gal at the counter said they were extremely popular. I vote no on that… that’s just gross!


designergirl007 said...

Great blog! I love your story it is very funny and I am anxious to keep checking back to hear more about gracie fabulous!

Anonymous said...

How is lent going? That's an interesting thing to give up.

-Robin K.-