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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hell Yeah it's About the T-shirt

That was our internal slogan for our Race Committee this year - but it quickly gained popularity ...
  • One t-shirt (registration fee) pays for one mammogram
  • 4 t-shirts pays for an over night visit at the hospital
  • 15 t-shirts pay for a lumpectomy
  • the list goes on - so yes... Hell YEAH, it's about the t-shirt

This year's race is over and it was a sucess! A few hiccups but not overt drama. The weather was beautiful! A bit chilly but over all not too cold.

There were over 15,000 participants and over all more than $950,000 was raised. Not quite the million we had as our goal, however, donations are still rolling in so it's a good bet that goal will be reached in a couple of weeks!

There are some great pictures from the Race - check out the links to the right! Here are a couple 1) Jennifer and Me - Jennifer was my Wal-Mart co-chair - I couldn't ask for anyone better to work with! 2) me and my parents

I can't wait to do it all again next week - but I am ready for a little down time.

Next years race is Saturday, April 25th! Mark your calendars!

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