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Monday, May 5, 2008

Job update part deux

I sure hope this doesn't keep going on - as my numeric memory of Francais c'est tres petite!

Anyway, in my endless search for a fun and exciting job, I mean really, how hard can it be? I've just come up a tad short. I was in an interview the other day - the 6th for the same position, but who's counting in which I was told by a newbie to the life of SMW that she was not impressed with having inherited a team of rejects in theory all resulting from reorganization as which she followed up with "and why are you interested in this position?" uh... uh... well... uh... I really want to broaden my horizons and continue to use my creative mindset on the wide scale which is take over the worldom and what not, oh yeah and I am the product of a re-org. At this point I should take the adage from a stupid, stupid book - Clearly, they just aren't that in to me! Yet I trudge on...
I have two interviews for 2 separate jobs on Tuesday 5/6, neither related to the job that just isn't that into me. Both are what I would consider "fun and exciting" and would definitely be a great move either way for me.
So keep me in your thoughts and I'll keep you posted on what results!

In other news, I'm sick - damn warm weather cold - it's the worst. It's also Karma because I made fun of Mike for being sick last weekend - I kinda suspected he was faking, however he was really sick and I feel bad now - literally! yuck.
So the sleeping pills mixed with the Cinco De Mayo margarita and Zyrtec and the triaminic are now pulling me in a deep sleep.
g out! luvbye ya'll


Mikel and Lynn said...

OTC drug induced cocktail blogs are fun!

>;) said...

Did she really say "re-org rejects". That is sad. She needs to insert foot in mouth! Not cool!!!

Gracie said...

ok so the term "re-org"rejects was not SAID... just to clarify ...