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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oslo, Norway!!!

Yay! Thanks to my handy dandy map blog tracker, I noticed that someone from Oslo, Norway visited my site! Det er meget opphissende.
Even more so because I've actually been there!

Chile and Iran have visited as well ... but I know who those people are.

So interview update - I rocked both interviews today and have already secured 2nd interviews!I'm very glad for the upswing, if nothing else for the good ole ego!

1 comment:

Little Snails and Ponytails said...

Hey this is Little Snails and Ponytails here and we just want to thank you for mentioning us on your blog. That was cute! We hope "Lindsey" knows there isn't any competition....plenty of love to go around!

P.S Who's Lindsey? tehe