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Friday, May 30, 2008

Makin my way to Denver

I'm in Denver this weekend for a fabulous premier party for Sex and the City: The Movie! I arrived yesterday via Tulsa - I'm not a fan of the Tulsa airport. I did get some great shopping done prior to my flight!
There was a family that was at the ticket counter with me waiting for it to open - their screaming child didn't help the ticket counter open any earlier. That was 2 hours before the flight was scheduled ... in my 2 hours I had a tasty meal of chicken tenders (of course) and multiple gin and tonics. Apparently the little screaming girl held ALL her crazy in until she got on the plane --- as we were in line to board the plane she was so friendly and giving everyone high fives and winking at people - strangers ate that up. I cringed! I knew what was looming... she SCREAMED the entire flight. Also there was a crazy old woman next to me, but she kept to herself after a few odd comments - her John Grisham paperback kept her occupied.
Our flight attendant was super creepy - she was all about flirting with the equally creepy businessman in the row opposite me - so much to the point she was practically sitting on the arm rest = his lap.
The flight got a little bumpy on the descent - which apparently is common - I don't see how predicted turbulance can ever be common - if you know it's there - fly straighter or something! Just like if you know there is ice on the road - you don't go 90 mph! Around then is when I really started regretting that 3rd g&t!
Once we landed, the Denver airport was a welcome site! It seems to be a very nice and new (or at least well renovated) airport! I made my way to baggage claim and was pretty proud of myself for navigating through the air port - I know it really isn't that tough but I have this fear of airports... anyway I finally found Elizabeth after multiple "where are you" "I'm by the Frontier sign" conversations - there are LOTS O FRONTIER signs!
Chad was really excited to eat Mexican food last night so we rode the train downtown to a Mexican place that has a 2 margarita max!

Today is the day! The premier of SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!
Stay tuned....

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