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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Shower Happy Hour

The mother of all baby showers was this weekend - Baby Shower Happy Hour! It was for the always fantastic Melanie Neal in her anticipated birth of Scarlett Isabelle who will make her apperance sometime in mid August. Melanie and I first met when she hired me at Bath and Body Works - A LONG TIME AGO! She's always been a party girl and famous for always getting the crowd at any bar to to a WOO WOO shot - I honestly think she made this up but, still it's fun none the less. Here's how that one works - 1) you must have a group of girls 2) you must tell the bartender what to make - I don't even know the exact recipe but it's normally "some rhum and some vodka and some ... I don't know, I'm already drunk, give me a damn shot of something tasty...

We had to go over the top with this shower - nothing but extravagance was expected. I've hosted quite a few showers - bachelorette, wedding, baby (normally in that order) but this has to be one of the most fun baby ones in a long time to plan!

Anyway here are some great pictures!!!
In sort of an order... the pictures are - the entry table with the invitation, nametags and Melanie's Princess Crown and maternitini glass for the evening - a close up of her glass that Cheryl painted - out side we used large martini glasses filled with oversized silk flowers - we filled huricanes with an abundance of silk flowers to really embellish the look - next is the drink table and a close up of the individual glass decoration, each had a tag to ensribe your intitials as well as a pink crystal pacifier! -next is the food spread, it was great! - followed by the fabulous cake - then there is the group shot with Melanie in the middle - then the local hostesses, Sylvia, Chris, Carrie, Cheryl, me and Lindsey - and last but not least - Melanie doing her infamous WOO WOO shot - non-alcoholic of course.

Here's to Baby Scarlett Isabelle - you are welcomed into this world by your mom's fabulous friends! Of course, all of our children will party like we did not too long ago!


>;) said...

That cake looks fantastic!! Who whipped that up??

Thanks to you and Mike, I think of the turtles I see slowly making their way to the death lane.

Joey Mechelle said...

AWESOME! I am so stealing these ideas.

Bean said...

what a fun shower... looks so much more fabulous than a paper plate hat!