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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saving Turtles

I’ve always believed in dog karma in the sense that I always try and help dogs that are out of their homes in the hopes that if Presley ever gets out, someone will pick her up and bring her home. That animal karma has now been extended to turtles. It seems like there are an abnormally large number of turtles out and about and trying to cross the road. Mike likes to save turtles, so any time we are driving around and see a turtle, we try to stop and help it across the road safely. Here is a picture of one of the lucky turtles.

This was in Mike’s neighborhood which is built around protected wetlands. Mike pulled him from under a parked car and put him back in the “wetlands.”

1 comment:

Bean said...

I thought Nick was the only person who stopped for turtles!